Monday, November 03, 2008


From: "Md. Halim" &lut
after hearing to you I just wrote like a crazy. The past sunday
while having hard day doing stuffs in Web and solving mad making maths
problem(guess what : proving geometrical concepts). I wonder how they
will help me when I grow up and become a web application developer and
a security networking expert. Then I tuned into 102.6 Rainbow. I
didn't had any idea what was going on but you know when I heard u
peoples talking about what we wanted to be and what we become? It was
fantastic !! Man . U rock Mr. Rj. Now I am 15 and a Ninth grader and I
have changed my ambition a lot. I think it all depends upon the
scenarios and happenings that is taking place all around you. Wanted
to be a Army Officer in class 1 influenced by the wars that was going
on then, then in class 2 to 4, I was locked in becoming a doctor and
to my happiness my family also wanted me to be a doctor. And in class
5 and 6 , seeing US's development in weapon development , I wanted to
study aerodynamics and develop new age missiles and innovate new arms
for India. Gosh!! My teacher made me be believe this would take lives,
yeah!! He was right I left that idea. And in class 7 I saw FIFA WORLD
CUP and I started thinking I would become a pro footballer and take
India to the world cup. I became a sensation in my whole class and u
knw why coz I promised that I will represent India in World Cup in
2014,18 and 22 even win the world cup. It was really a strong aim and
there wasnt a day when I didnt think of that aim. I browse net for
football academies and searched Yellow pages for local camps. In class
8 the dream remained the same but one more aim developed that is
becoming a INTERNET enterpreneur. I was the only one who spend 5 hrs
daily online and still today. Now in class 9 . I am locked in becoming
a pro footballer and a web application developer. Wait till 2014, when
I bring a revolution in Internet. Hey RJ I KNOW YOU CANT READ THIS
WRITE THIS. U rock man!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plan huh!

This year before the vacations I planned 2 finish of my 1st Term Exams syllabi. I thought of solving each problems of maths book and purchase a book of some other publication. Huh thats not all but I thought more but is better thought than done. I spent my whole vacations in activities unrelated to studies. It is an absolute shame for me that I didnt solve a single maths problem. I just realised it after vacations but it was too late then. I am to blame no1 but myself and procrastination.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Summer Vacations

My vacations passed a bit boring but entertaining too. I used to sit for long hours in front of TV and watch movies and browisng the net on my mobile in search of new Games and Application for my N73. I downloaded many games and a handful of apps. I got a history project on French Revolution to be completed in the vacations and it was really interesting to do that. I also viewed Monaco GP and the match between Mohun Bagan FC and Bayern Munichen , it was a fantastic event. I was a bit dissapointed as Oliver Kahn was retiring but it had to happen someday or the other , it was brave of Kahn to take this ultimatum. Finally my holidays will finish in a day or two . School and studies are knocking my door. Bye C U.
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